The Mission

Dear Friend,

You are not alone! The world of the “eclectic” isn’t the easiest road traveled.  There is a place that bridges taste and culture; where you can enjoy the greatness in the craft beer community, and the DOPE concepts you were raised on and continue to celebrate.

The way we see it, if it’s great (or has aspirations to be great), and has love at its core and the audacity to be authentic, then it speaks to your truth!  Whether it’s a new rap or rock song, a bold new beer or a strange piece of art, it belongs to you!  We are here to guide and share with you how DOPE & DANK coexist unapologetically together in the Craft Beer world.  We've created a bridge that is meant for EVERYONE to cross and celebrate. Let’s fit as many asses at this table of DOPE & DANK as possible.  If there isn’t enough room at that table, lets build a bigger fucking table! 

As the craft beer industry cascades into metro areas, the idea of embracing diversity and all that comes from these two worlds colliding are so very valuable to our growth as a people.  

Let’s have a great time enjoying the creativity and energy of this collective, while drinking some of the best damn beer in the world.

CHEERS!!! (…Let us show you how!)

Beny Ashburn (The Dope) & Teo Hunter (The Dank)